Why Oxfordshire?

Cycle County Active County is the UK's most popular networking event for active travel professionals. 2023 will focus on the cities in transition to more resilient, more active and more inclusive futures.

Oxfordshire has an impressive planning framework on the agenda, backed by considerable political will, vision and leadership from all main parties.


County areas have as much to contribute to the local and national economy as core cities. Smaller cities, towns and rural areas are home to a considerable proportion of the UK's population, and have their own opportunities and challenges when it comes to enabling more cycling, walking and active travel.

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"Active travel is a key priority area for Sheffield City Council - from infrastructure to the health and wellbeing benefits for our local residents and those that work here.


Embracing the great outdoors is an important part of our culture, influencing so much about life in Sheffield. We look forward to sharing best practice, learning from others and welcoming all delegates to our Outdoor City."


Cllr Terry Fox
Leader of Sheffield City Council

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Initiatives such as Connecting Oxford, the introduction of a Workplace Parking Levy, and the evolving role of devolved bodies, for example England's Economic Heartland new regional strategy and devolution plans, make Oxfordshire an ideal testing ground. Plans are in progress to reduce single occupancy private car journeys in the drive to boost activity levels, improve air quality, reduce congestion and improve traveller safety. These challenges have unique drivers in small cities and county / rural areas, and Oxfordshire has proven itself to be especially innovative in rising to them.

Cycle County Active County Oxfordshire is the 9th event in the Cycle City Active City series, will feature presentations, knowledge sharing and networking opportunities for professionals delivering walking and cycling projects across the UK and beyond. It takes place at the Examination Schools, a landmark at the heart of Oxford.


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Department for Transport

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5-6 July 2023   Examination Schools, Oxford