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Cycle County Active County Oxfordshire

Cycle County Active County Oxfordshire brings together Government, local authorities, the professional sector and campaigners as the UK scales up to deliver decarbonisation, levelling up and inclusivity strategies.

Cycling and walking can deliver against all three areas, and as such are in the spotlight like never before.

The groundwork is in place: 2022 established Active Travel England to take forward the commitments laid out in Gear Change, the Transport Decarbonisation Plan and CWIS2, which covers the period 2022 - 2025.

"Active travel is good for the environment, our economy and public health. IT’s one of the best return on investment decisions governments can make. Our aim is that 50% of all journeys in towns and cities should be walked, wheeled or cycled by 2030."

Department for Transport

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Active travel is about so much more than walking, wheeling and cycling for everyday trips. It's about unlocking local economic growth, improving the nation's health, and giving children freedom and independence."


Danny Williams
CEO, Active Travel England

The Conference

Keynote presentations, seminars, workshops and study tours, plus plenty of networking opportunities.

Conference Delegates

Cycle County Active County is the UK's established and premier networking event for public and private sector professionals tasked with enabling, designing, implementing and improving provision for active travel, and embedding its use for more short journeys and more parts of longer journeys. 


The Department for Transport and Active Travel England's Annual Active Travel Summit

Cycle County Active County 2023 is supported by the Department for Transport and Active Travel England as its annual active travel summit.


The conference plenaries, breakout and workshop sessions will run alongside Department for Transport and Active Travel England-led sessions on delivering LCWIPs, CWIS2 and the role of Active Travel England.


The Exhibition

The Cycle County Active County exhibition provides delegates with the perfect platform to meet and network with cycle and walking infrastructure providers, and to put questions to the experts.


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Why Oxford?

Oxfordshire has an impressive planning framework on the agenda, backed by considerable political will, vision and leadership from all main parties.

Initiatives such as Central Oxfordshire Travel Plan, the possible introduction of a Workplace Parking Levy, and the evolving role of devolved bodies, for example England's Economic Heartland new regional strategy and devolution plans, make Oxfordshire an ideal testing ground. Find out more...

Sponsored by:

Department for Transport

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5-6 July 2023   Examination Schools, Oxford
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